Fitness Centre Update: Phased opening begins August 26th

Fitness Centre Update: Phased opening begins August 26th

Mount Allison’s department of Athletics and Recreation is pleased to provide the following update on our facilities as we plan for reopening.


Mount Allison has developed a three phase approach for the reopening off our Fitness Centre. Described in detail below, Phase 1 will see the Fitness Centre reopening for Mount Allison students, faculty and staff only on Wednesday, August 26th.  The Fitness Centre will once again be made available to the public during Phase 3, which could happen as early as October.

Please take the time to read through the details of Phase 1 below. As we prepare for being able to welcome back our Fitness Centre users, we would ask that you take the time to familiarize yourself with the protocols that will be used to help ensure safety for all involved.


Start Date:

Wednesday, August 26th

Access permitted:

Campus community (students, faculty, staff)

Hours of operation:

Monday to Friday – 8AM-6PM

Saturday – CLOSED

Sunday – CLOSED

Maximum participation:

The FC will be limited to 15 participants (including staff) at any one time.

During Phase 1, users can only gain access to the FC by booking a workout slot ahead of time.

Workout slots will be set in 1 hour increments with 15 minute breaks in between to allow for cleaning and for safe movement in and out of the FC.

Users can book slots by emailing

Bookings can be made 3 days prior to the scheduled slot being book. Bookings for August 26th (opening date) will begin on Sunday, August 23rd.

The FC schedule and available slots will be updated daily on


The main door from the inside of the Wallace McCain Student Centre (WMSC) will be used for entry and exit from the FC. Steps have been taken to widen hallway access for the entry and exit from the FC. Users are required to arrive wearing masks and to wear them for entry and exit from the FC


Every individual who enters will be subject to a screening questionnaire that is administered by the Reception Manager. This questionnaire is provided in section 3.2 of the Athletics Covid-19 Operating plan.


Steps have been taken to spread equipment to help ensure social distancing is respected.

It remains the responsibility of all users to ensure social distance of at least 2 meters from other users whenever possible.

When social distancing is not possible, it is expected that masks will be worn.

Any FC user found to be ignoring social distancing requirements may be removed from the premise and banned from returning to the FC.

Change room/ washroom access

Change rooms and washrooms will be accessible with a limit of 2 persons maximum at any given time.

FC users are encouraged to come in workout clothes where possible and to refrain from changing at the FC.

While change rooms are accessible, locker use is not permitted during Phase 1. Users can bring their bag to the monitored storage areas at the front of the FC.

Contact tracing

For purposes of contract tracing, all users will be required to give their full names and a contact phone number when registering for a workout slot during Phase 1.

Participants will be required to show some form of ID when they arrived for their booked session.

Cleaning of equipment

All users are required to clean equipment with the sanitary wipes made available at the FC after each use. Users are encouraged to clean equipment before use as well.

FC staff will also clean equipment where permitted.

Hand sanitizers will also be installed throughout the fitness centre.

Fitness Studio

No group activities will be permitted in the fitness studio during phase 1.

Water fountains

Users are encouraged to bring pre-filled water bottles to their workouts.

Access to the water fountain/filling station will be permitted.

Checking In

All FC users must check in at the reception desk and show ID to confirm their booking before proceeding to the workout area.

The FC staff will only be able to serve one FC user at a time and as such, we ask that all users respect social distancing requirements while waiting to be checked in.

Personal Training

Personal training sessions will be permitted during Phase 1 for student, faculty and staff only.

Personal training sessions are to be booked with the respective personal trainer. The trainer will then book the appropriate time with the FC.

For public fitness centre members who have had their memberships placed on hold since the university closure in March, we will reactivate your memberships at the time the Fitness Centre reopens to the public. At that time, your membership will start again with the remaining about of time you had at the time of closure.


We anticipate remaining in Phase 1 until at least early September. More detail will be provided for Phases 2 and 3 in the coming weeks.



The Athletic Centre operating plan being finalized, and plans are in place to also have the Athletic Centre open on Wednesday, August 26th. Because of the complexities associated with the Athletic Centre building, plans are to have restrictions in place upon opening to the point where only individuals with pre-booked identified groups will be permitted to enter the facility. More details will be provided for the Athletic Centre in the coming days. 

We are excited to once again welcome our Mount Allison community safely back to our Athletics and Recreation facilities. We know that we can count on you to educate yourselves on our new protocols so that we can successfully progress the various stages of our return.


For information, the complete Mounties Athletics and Recreation Covid-19 Operational Plan will be made available on our website in the next couple of weeks.