Athletic Director's Corner


Thank you for taking the time to visit our Mount Allison Mounties Athletics program online at  I am pleased to let you know that we continue to work with passion, purpose and determination to build a Mounties Athletics and Recreation program that energizes and inspires each of us and that makes us all proud.

With the launch of our strategic plan in the fall of 2010, we announced to our community that we have purpose, focus and direction for the type of Athletics and Recreation program we are building.  In the time since, we have worked hard to attack the objectives stated in the plan.  With quality and sustainability at the forefront, we have set about building a distinctly unique approach to Athletics.  We are proud of the many accomplishments of the past couple of years and this success has fuelled our desire to work even harder.  I encourage you to take a closer look at our progress to date by clicking on the link below called ‘What’s the Score?’

During the fall of 2013 we launched the Mountie PRIDE credo, a definitive set of values and commitment statements to define our culture.  We believe strongly that we have captured what being a Mounties student athlete is all about and we share a collective commitment every day to deliver on the ideals represented by the credo.

In 2013-2014, our Mounties football team returned to the top of the mountain, winning our first AUS championship in 17 years.  Our Mounties women’s hockey team played in their 2nd AUS final in 3 years, we won our 6th straight ACAA Badminton championship and for the 6th straight year we sent swimmers to CIS Nationals.  This scoreboard success has come at the same time as when our student athletes are performing stronger than ever academically.  Our student athletes reached 90% in good standing in 2013-2014, against a backdrop of 81% in good standing for the overall student body at Canada’s top undergraduate university.

With all of that said, we are just getting started.  We have defined our culture, we know what we believe in and we know how we will continue to build our championship environment.  As we do, we invite you to join in every way you possibly can.  We promise it will be worth the ride.

Mountie Pride.

Pierre Arsenault
Director of Athletics and Recreation
Mount Allison University

Click here to view 'What's the Score?' (a summary of our Strategic Plan progress to date)