Dalhousie AUS invitational swim meet

Dalhousie AUS invitational swim meet

Both the men's and women's Dalhousie swim teams won the team titles of the AUS Invitational hosted by Dalhousie on Saturday.

Lise Cinq-Mars led the way for the Tigers, winning four indivudla events and two relays. Isabel Sarty won two individual races and was also a member of both winning relay teams. 

On the men's side, Tyler Immel-Herron and Geraint Berger each won two individual events and swam to victory on both relay teams.


Event Winners:

Lise Cinq-Mars (50m & 200m freestyle, 50m backstroke, 100m butterfly, 200m medley relay, 200m freestyle relay)
Isabel Sarty (50m butterfly, 100m freestyle, 200m medley relay 200m freestyle relay)
Tyler Immel-Herron (200m freestyle, 400m IM, 200m medley relay, 200m freestyle relay)
Geraint Berger (100m backstroke, 100m freestyle, 200m medley relay, 200m freestyle relay)
Alexis Bragman (200m IM, 200m medley relay)
Reagan Crowell (400m & 800m freestyle, 200m freestyle relay)
Christian Payne (200m backstroke, 200m medley relay, 200m freestyle relay)
Jacob Branchflower (100m & 200m butterfly)
Olivia Feschuk (100m & 200m breaststroke)
Claire Yurkovich (100m IM, 200m medley relay)
Calum Kershaw (200m breaststroke)
Caroline Hickman (200m backstroke)
Victoria MacDonald (50m breaststroke)
Alec Karlsen (200m IM)
Adam Kamaldin (100m  breaststroke)
Mckenzie Holden (1500m freestyle)
Sam Cusimano (200m medley relay)
Madeline Shivgulam (200m freestyle relay)
Quinn West (200m freestyle relay)

Team Standings


  1. Dalhousie 418
  2. Acadia 86
  3. Memorial 75
  4. UNB 67
  5. MtA 55


  1. Dalhousie 332
  2. Acadia 154
  3. MtA 82
  4. Memorial 76
  5. UNB 60

The Tigers will host the 2018-19 Subway AUS Swimming Championships February 8-10 at Dalplex. All finals will be broadcast live on AUStv.