Thank you Dr. Campbell and Dr. Verduyn!

Thank you Dr. Campbell and Dr. Verduyn!

Dear Dr. Robert Campbell and Dr. Christl Verduyn,

In 2006, you arrived in Sackville to start Dr. Campbell's tenure as the next President of Mount Allison University. At the time, we knew that Mount Allison was welcoming a talented and established administrator who would take the reigns of our beloved institution and in Dr. Verduyn, a celebrated and impressive scholar in the areas of english and Canadian Studies.

What we didn't know was that our community was also welcoming two wonderfully kind and generous people who have a great sense of community and who, among many other things, are avid sports fans.  What has followed in the 12 years that you have been with us has been an unparalleled engagement and interest in our Mounties student athletes, coaches and programs.

As you come to the end of your time with us at Mount Allison we simply want to offer our most sincere thank you for your energy, your passion and for living the Mount Allison way with us every single day.

Thank you for the countless meals at Cranewood and Hammond House and for always being interested in learning our names, our hometowns and our majors, whether it was the first dinner of the year or the 41st. Thank you for the financial support and for everything it allowed for - new uniforms, new locker rooms, upgrades to our Athletic Centre meeting rooms, team trips and team meals. Thank you for being champions of the Alumni Field project and for recognizing the transformational change this project would have on our campus community and Athletics program.  Thank you for showing up, and showing up and showing up again and again. It was always great to see you in the crowd, on the sidelines, in the gym or beside us during morning swims in the pool.  It was great to see you standing at our buses to see us off and to show us in every instance that you wanted to be there.  Thank you for all the encouragement, the reference letters, the personal notes of congratulations and for always knowing how our teams were doing.

Indeed, we want to say thank you for all of these things. We know that even though we tried not to, we are guilty of taking this remarkable kindness for granted.  You are partly to blame for this, as your support was so frequent that trying to keep up with simple thank yous hardly seemed like enough!

Most of all, thank you for being the best example of Mountie PRIDE that we could ever ask for. Even though you will soon move on to your next exciting life adventures, we can assure you that your impact and many gifts will live forever with Mounties Athletics and Recreation.

With gratitude and immense admiration,

Your forever Mounties family