Mounties Men's basketball launch Game On campaign (Nov 2019)

Mounties Men's basketball launch Game On campaign (Nov 2019)

After a strong series of exhibition games, ACAA conference play begins for the Basketball Mounties on Saturday, Nov. 2, 2019 at St. Thomas University. At the helm is Mount Allison University alumnus and head coach, Steve Chapman (’82, ’83), who is entering his 36th year of coaching.

The last three years have been impressive for the Mounties with an appearance at the CCAA National Championships, two appearances in the ACAA championship games, and two consecutive second-place finishes. These set the stage for what promises to be a thrilling season ahead.

With ten returning players that have contributed to the Mounties’ recent success and the addition of five newcomers, the 2019-2020 team is poised to continue building this tradition of excellence.

None of this would be possible without the support of our Mount Allison University alumni who believe in the program. We are setting out to establish a funding base that will strengthen the team over the next five years, a team that is already consistently demonstrating its abilities on the court. Your support is the key piece needed to ensure its continued success and growth.

Game On is a new fund raising initiative launched in mid-November of 2019. Lead volunteers and friends of Coach Chapman — Kevin B. Estabrooks and Norval McConnell — have pledged their support and are asking you to do the same. Game On is built on a five-year pledge model. Mount Allison makes it easy for you to enter a five-year pledge, offering monthly or annual contribution options.

Will you commit to supporting the team for the next five years? What shot will you take?

Slam dunk — $5,000 over five years ($1,000/year or $84/month)

Three-pointer — $2,500 over five years ($500/year or $41.67/month)

Two-pointer — $1,000 over five years ($200/year or $16.67/month)

Free throw — $500 over five years ($100/year or $8.33/month)

To make your pledge, visit or call Marcie Meekins at 506-364-2349.